Bedroom Blinds

The bedroom has to be the ultimate expression of personal taste and still create a relaxed atmosphere for a good night’s sleep. All our selections include blackout options, subtle and pastel colours, tactile textures, and soft designs, but if you need that bit of a wow factor in your bedroom, there are plenty of exciting designs and colours to suit.

From PVC to polyester fabrics treated with anti bacterial and anti fungal coatings we have a huge range of colours to choose from and your bathroom or shower room can be personalised with matching towels, bath sheets and face flannels to stamp your personality on the room.

If you prefer vertical blinds in your bathroom we can also supply washable fabrics and the faux wood blinds are waterproof so can be readily spunged down with a mild detergent solution. As with any blind the only way to keep it looking good is to vacuum the dust off regularly with the horizontally slatted Venetian being the most difficult to clean otherwise.

Special cleaning brushes are available and we welcome enquiries about this and any cleaning techniques particular to window blinds. Ring the office between 8am and 4 pm Monday to Friday and ask for details

All available for retail and commercial

Commercial blinds must meet fire safety standards so selected fabrics available.

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