Blinds for Kids Rooms

Fun, colour and personality are the order of the day for child rooms. Any type of blind can either blend in or make a bold statement for your child’s room.We can even provide a roller blind with your own striking digital image for the added wow factor. 

Multi coloured slats in a vertical blind are another option which children can find fun and we have a good selection of patterns for roller blinds from dinosaurs to fairies which children love. A lot of the patterns for roller blinds have an opaque backing to block out the light and blackout fabrics are also available for vertical blinds.

Child safety is of paramount importance, and all blinds must be fitted with child safety devices and it is recommended that beds and cots are situated away from windows and not next to operating chains or cords in child rooms.  For the best control of your blinds to keep your child or children safe from any danger from blind cords choose electric or motorised blinds. You can include such features as a light sensor to enable the blind to operate automatically when it gets dark and open again when the sun gets up, or for maximum control timed operation to keep the blind closed when the daylight may have the kids arriving in your bedroom pre 5 o’clock for that delightfully arousing jump all over you when you are hoping for a lie in!

All available for retail and commercial

Commercial blinds must meet fire safety standards so selected fabrics available.

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