Child Safety

In a house with children, keeping them safe is a priority. We help you find the best child safety option for your blinds and fit it with no hassle. With this keeping window blind cords and chains out of their reach is essential and providing them for new blinds since February 2014 is now regulated by law.

At Black Country Blinds, one of our priorities is to provide child safety. When picking out blinds for your children’s rooms, we provide helpful advice to make the best choice. There are endless possibilities from mono command to electric blinds operated through a home automation system.  Keeping your kids safe every day.

Blinds fitted by us will comply with the regulations introduced in February 2014

Devices available for any type of blind

Fittings on already existing blinds

Easy, effective and affordable devices

Free home safety check

Let us come and check out your blinds and advise you on the best way to ensure your children’s safety for your comfort.

All available for retail and commercial

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