Motorised Blinds

Are Motorized Blinds worth it? Of course, they are! We’ll provide you efficient motorised blinds, one touch of a button and your blinds with smoothing, and quietly, ascend or descend over your windows. Whether it’s a remote in your hand or a button on the wall, you won’t have to manually use your blinds again.

These blinds are a must for parents or owners of tall walled houses. Our blinds are incredibly child safe and can be applied to those hard-to-reach windows without trouble. You’ll barely have to handle them, meaning the curtains stay looking good for longer

Now available with the rechargeable battery system is a solar panel to keep the batteries automatically charged.
Add these options:-

  • Light sensor for automatic operation with changing light levels
  • Timer option (can be combined with light sensor)
  • Special option remote control with slow speedball type operation for precise blind control

All available for retail and commercial

Commercial blinds must meet fire safety standards so selected fabrics available.

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