I have worked with Meena as a Quality Assurance Lead on the Nottingham Project. Meena was very helpful and supportive, she always had time to address any concerns that the social workers had. Meena is the best Project Manager I have ever worked with and I would highly recommend her to any client who wants a successful project that is delivered efficiently".

Nathaniel Phiri - QA Lead - Nottingham Project

"My Name is May and I am a qualified Social Worker. I have worked very closely with Meena as my Project Manager on the Surrey Project. Meena is a great Manager with excellent leadership skills. She can easily work with anyone because of her interpersonal talent".

May - Qualified Social Worker - Surrey Project

"I have known Meena since 2022 from the North Yorkshire Project. She was responsible for allocating work and Quality Assurance checks. She provided professional support with case work which involved cases of varying complexity. I knew Meena for being honest, co-operative and having excellent problem-solving skills. Meena organised professional meetings to bring ideas together and really held the team together. Meena was very supportive and really looked after the team. It was a pleasure to work with her".

Petra - Qualified Social Worker - North Yorkshire Project

“Meena truly has been the foundation that has kept this project running. She is professional, efficient, relatable and reliable. Her constant presence and support throughout this project has made complex cases not only manageable but learning experiences which have developed me as Social Worker. Meena has a great skill of helping you to think through problems and identify gaps, to ensure that the best service is always provided to clients, and that we continually develop. It’s been more than a pleasure to work with Meena!”

Suzanne Lamba - Qualified Social Worker - Somerset Project

"I have worked with Meena for over 18 months in Qualified and unqualified social worker roles. I have found her to be professional, dedicated, approachable, reliable, empathetic and conscientious. I will choose to work with her again and again."

Sandra - Social Worker - Cornwall Project